All About Intent: The Difference Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Is there a difference between cannabis for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes? According to the law, there is. But according to us at We’:), it’s all about intent.

At We’:), we are a recreational, or adult use, cannabis retail store, and under our Health Canada License and per The Cannabis Act, we are not permitted to sell cannabis for medical purposes, nor can we provide any advice on the medical effects of cannabis… even if we know that cannabis has many therapeutic and medical uses.

How is Medical Cannabis Different?

In Canada, medical use of cannabis has been available legally since 2001, which many people don’t know because it’s been an under-utilized program in Canada, with around 300,000 people in Canada holding medical cannabis recommendations.

Until The Cannabis Act passed, cannabis for medical purposes was accessed under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR), which now falls under The Cannabis Act. Through this program, medical cannabis patients receive a medical cannabis document from a medical doctor (either their own doctor or at a medical cannabis clinic), and then can purchase cannabis right from Canada’s Licenced Producers at prices slightly lower than what you may find in stores, as many Licensed Producers offer Compassionate Pricing. In some cases, patients are able to claim their medical cannabis on their benefits and receive reimbursement.

Medical cannabis is used for a variety of medical conditions in Canada and those who use medical cannabis use it as they would any other medication – with a dose and a method of ingestion or consumption.

We reiterate that We:) does not provide medical cannabis, and if you are looking for a particular medical outcome, we recommend you connect with your doctor or a local or online cannabis clinic to go through the process to obtain your medical cannabis recommendation with access to information through your prescribing doctor.

What makes cannabis “recreational”?

Recreation is defined by undertaking activities that are often done for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure and are considered to be "fun". While we at We’:) believe in fun, we also encourage cannabis users to be mindful about their intent and the products they choose so to elicit the best cannabis experience.

When cannabis is used with intention, it is not over-used, abused, or used as a mechanism to escape. Rather, with intention and the right product, the consumer can steer their cannabis experience to match the mood, feeling, or state of being they’d like to achieve. This is why at We’:) we have come up with our INTENTS to help consumers find their desired cannabis outcome.

The Plant Doesn’t Know

Whether one would argue whether cannabis is medicinal or recreational is somewhat of a moot point. Whether one consumes cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, they are still receiving the benefits of the cannabinoids and terpenes that the plant holds.

The plant herself doesn’t know whether she is recreational or medical, but she is always willing to ensure that those who safely utilize her can benefit from what she offers.

Not only are we equipped at We’:) to provide you some of the most comprehensive information on cannabis through our in-store education and through our website and social media, but we also encourage consumers to do their own research on how cannabis interacts with the mind, body, and spirit.

Exploring One’s Self Through Cannabis Intents

While we do not provide cannabis for medical purposes at We’:), we do want to ensure that everyone has the best experience they possibly can with the products we offer in store.

Everyone is different and may look for different things in their cannabis consumption. One thing that is a big part of the customer experience at We’:) is the curation of products that match a set of six intents that we have developed.

• Elevate – These uplifting sativa options help start your day off on the right foot

• Create – Allow our selection of sativa-dominant hybrid products to inspire new and creative ideas as you tackle your do-to do list

• Balance - Our curated CBD-dominant selections help you find your equilibrium and reset before finishing off the day’s tasks.

• Reflect - The indica-dominant hybrid offerings are a calming accompaniment to contemplation and introspection

• Rest - Put your mind on pause and relax with our selection of indica options.

• Love – Our curated sativa-dominant hybrid choices set the tone for connection with one’s self and others

When you visit We’:), you’ll be able to clearly understand which products may offer you some of these experience to match your intent for consuming. Just browse our offerings and find what works best for you, and we’ll always be happy to share what other customers are saying about our products.

Using Cannabis Safely

No matter what your intent, it’s important to know that cannabis is a substance that should be used with safety.

It’s important that you read the label of your cannabis product to understand its potency before consuming. With any cannabis product, it’s advised to start low and go slow, to ensure you can fully understand the effects the plant is having on you. Your method of consumption can always affect how cannabis “hits” you so be aware that some methods, like edibles and concentrates, pack a bit more of a punch than smoking flower.

If you ever feel as though you’ve had too much cannabis, first, don’t panic. It’s impossible to “overdose” on cannabis although having too much THC may be uncomfortable for some.

It’s becoming more common practice to use CBD to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC but for most people, just relaxing, calming the mind, and staying hydrated will help you feel more comfortable, just give it some time.

Explore Cannabis with WE’:)

We’:) is a recreational cannabis retail store intended to help people in Canada intentionally explore the legal cannabis that is cultivated by our country’s Licensed Producers. Our customer experience is designed around intention so that you are informed about your products, and we’re always here to help you ensure you understand your product’s potency, and how to use it in a way that will produce the best desired effect.

We are not authorized to provide cannabis for medical purposes, nor are we able to dispense or offer medical advice.