How do I choose the right product for me?

At We’:), we acknowledge and honour the individuality of thecannabis consumption experience and thus, work with individuals to discovertheir intent, while thoughtfully recommending products based on a range of keycharacteristics.

When you visit our store, you’ll see products arranged bytheir various intent, of which we have six. Our intents are Rise, Create,Balance, Pause, Reflect, and Love. When you come into our store, think aboutwhat you want to get out of your cannabis experience. Do you want energy totackle your to-do list? Consider a Rise or Balance product. If you’re wantingto relax after a hard day’s work, perhaps Pause, or Reflect will have productsto get you into that state of mind.

Remember that when choosing a cannabis product, there is alot more than just THC, or whether it’s indica or sativa. Terpenes are also avital part of achieving the effects of cannabis, working in harmony with thecannabinoids.