Who produces cannabis in Canada, and what are the differences between brands?

Cannabis in Canada is produced by Health Canada-approvedLicenced Producers (or LPs). LPs are companies and facilities that have beenlicensed for the cultivation and manufacturing of cannabis. Some LPs are eitherpurely medicinal or recreational, and some LPs have both medicinal andrecreational brands. Brands are available province to province, so some brandsyou may find in BC, for instance, may not be available in Ontario, or viceversa.

Licensed Producers vary in size and in what types ofproducts they provide to the market. For instance, some LPs are considered “bigcannabis” and cultivate in larger batches, usually using machines for all theprocesses required to get the cannabis packaged. Other LPs are smaller, growsmall-batch cannabis, and hang-dry, hand-trim, and hand-package their products.These smaller LPs are often referred to as “craft cannabis”.